5 Free Regression Testing Tools to Increase Efficiency

free regression testing tools

Due to the radical changes in technology, new software and tools need regular updates to ensure top-notch performance. However, while modifying the product frequently, the odds are high that the product might get corrupted or doesn’t give the result we anticipated.

All things considered, regression testing tools will assist you with finding the bug(s) that were undermining the product and figuring out how to give the specific result that you are looking for, without changing any sorts of existing features and functionalities.

There are 100s of regression testing tools accessible on the web to get the job done. A reliable and featureful regression testing tool will assist users with finding accurate bugs and changes that were affecting the product’s outcome. Interesting, isn’t it?

Many regression testing tools are open-source and demand nothing back from the users. We have a couple of the most reliable, functional regression testing tools that are accessible free of charge.

Is it true that you are interested to know more about free regression testing tools? Then, at that point, we suggest perusing this guide completely. We have listed the 5 best free regression testing tools.

5 Best Free Regression Testing Tools


It is one of the most popular tools that have been used by millions of programmers worldwide. Selenium is a free tool for automating regression testing that automates web browsers.

Selenium provides a single point of connection that enables you to create test scripts in a variety of computer languages, including, but not limited to, Java, Python, NodeJS, PHP, C#, and Ruby.

It is used – like other regression testing tools – to ensure excellent online applications, whether they are responsive, average, or standard. Selenium is popular among analysts since it’s simple to develop test materials that validate usefulness.

It is a cross-environment tool utilized both in operating systems and on internet browsers so regression testing can be performed on all kinds of devices. Selenium coordinates with different tools and frameworks and even backs outsider libraries. There are 4 types of Selenium tools:

  1. Selenium Grid
  2. WebDriver
  3. Selenium RC
  4. Selenium IDE


Watir is another free regression testing tool; it is a collection of Selenium’s Ruby-programmed libraries for automated web browsers. It considers writing straightforward tests that are simple to read and follow.

Additionally, it is an open-source Selenium test creation tool that aims to make the process of creating tests simple and efficient. If you are looking for a free and simple regression testing tool, then we would recommend Watir for you.

Watir-WebDriver is a Selenium’s Ruby gem that permits you to automate your program. The steps are easy: just make it click a button, present a structure, and hang tight for a message to show up prior to the proceeding.

3/5 Serenity

With its automated programming testing for developing code, Serenity BDD, a.k.a. Serenity, is a framework and open-source library that makes regression testing more effective.

Serenity BDD is designed to facilitate improvement by identifying bugs earlier and ensuring the arrival of a stable, fully functional end programming item, similar to other automated regression testing tools.

Additionally, it encourages keeping the implementation of steps apart from the actual specification in each test case. Users can easily test in Java using Serenity and JUnit, and they can also use Xray to view the test results.

It is easy to run Serenity tests with JUnit, you only need to Run with the SerenityRunner, test runner, and the step libraries are instrumented by SerenityRunner, and it guarantees that the Serenity reporters will record and report the test results.

4/5IBM Rational Functional Test

We all know how IBM is in the software sector, An automated tool for functional and regression testing is IBM Rational Functional Tester. This software offers automated functional testing, regression testing, GUI testing, and data-driven testing. Various applications, including web-based, are supported by it.

IBM Rational Functional Test enables users to design tests that imitate user interactions between a client and server for an application.

It is suitable for all kinds of users but it best suits professionals who look for the best regression testing tool, but unlike the other 3 tools mentioned before, it is a paid testing tool.

IBM Rational Functional Test comes with a free trial. Therefore, you can check out the regression tool to find whether it is suitable for you or not before upgrading to a membership.


Regression testing experts highly recommend the codeless UI automation tool testRigor. It gives the entire team the ability to create, edit, and maintain tests in plain English because it is a cloud-hosted AI-powered solution.

To ensure that enough information is gathered for a quantitative evaluation of performance, testRigor is required. However, evaluating testRigor must be a formal, impartial, and repeatable process with the aim of identifying test plans as being sufficiently rigorous or highlighting particular topics for focused improvement.

Unlike other regression testing tools mentioned, testRigor is a paid software and it is not open-source either. A testRigor expert will give you a personalized demo of their platform.

Automate tests in plain English without using any code. Manual testers can create tests 15X faster than QA engineers and can maintain tests for 200X less money. Reduce QA overhead while boosting efficiency, coverage, and scalability.

Does testRigor interest you? If you think testRigor is suitable, you have to pay to use the software. However, testRigor offers a 14-day free trial. Try it for free and if you think testRigor is the one for you, then you can pay.

A Quick Wrap

Any software needs a regression testing tool to look for the bugs and changes that were modified while updating software or changing the code. Try any one of these 5 free regression tools and get your job done.

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