MERN Stack: The Best Toolset for Web Development in 2023


Every year, hundreds of new web development tools and frameworks see the light of day. These new tools and frameworks have the potential to speed up project development and make life easier for developers. The good news is that all of these tools share the same goal i.e. improving the workflow.

Among the various technologies available today, two are most popular for web development; MERN and MEAN. Technically, these are not technologies but technology stacks i.e. a set of technologies.

We’ll save the MEAN stack for another article. So, in this article, we’ll break down the MERN stack, the popular JavaScript toolset that will allow you to develop websites faster.

The MERN stack is a toolkit that has been gaining a lot of traction over the last couple of years. It includes the following technologies:

  1. MongoDB
  2. ExpressJS
  3. React, and
  4. Node

Introducing the MERN Stack

The MERN stack is a set of tools for web developers. These tools have a lot in common. Although the base of the stack exists since 2013, recent innovations have made the technologies more user-friendly. Also, the MERN stack is a fully-featured, industry-standard, front-end to back-end development stack.  It allows you to build highly scalable web applications with ease.

Although usually used together, the technologies are not required to be used in conjunction always. As such, each technology can be utilized individually or combined with other frameworks and libraries in different ways. MERN has all the benefits that a full-stack developer needs for web development.

Although this extremely flexible and powerful JS stack allows you to quickly build high-performing SPAs and websites, it is especially good for developing web applications. It provides the reliability of the Express web framework that facilitates faster development of web apps and assures great performance.

Why Should You Use MERN?

The main reason why a lot of people are switching to MERN is because of its versatility.

We’ve to develop a “fork” of our application or test it in a development environment. This process can be pretty lengthy and tedious. With MERN, you can build an application in a matter of minutes. It’s completely free, scalable, and production-ready.

It’s not just a trend, as the stack has been in use by some of the biggest brands. It allows building fast websites and apps with an intuitive and modern backend, and user interface. As a result, many startups opt to use JavaScript for creating web apps.

If you are creating a web application, it is always better to choose JavaScript as the primary language because it has certain advantages. For example, NodeJS and NPM make server-side programming easier and efficient. In fact, 3 of the 4 technologies of MERN use JS. The MERN stack is used for building scalable, high-performance production applications.

What is the Best Part of Using MERN?

  • MERN creates an infinite number of Node, React, and MongoDB projects. You can reuse any and all the boilerplate parts of these projects.
  • It can easily handle complex web applications. Also, you can develop web apps faster with less effort and in a secure manner.
  • The MERN Stack contains tools and utilities to help programmers create and manage their applications. Users can easily understand and implement custom codes.
  • MERN features open-source applications backed by proactive communities. This makes the MERN stack one of the best options for both, newcomers to web development as well as experienced programmers.
  • The MERN stack helps to reduce server costs. For example, payment data can be stored in your own database rather than being transferred to the payment processor.
  • MERN offers a fully-featured solution to create a web application. If you are thinking of creating a native application using Node.js or need to retool your mobile or web app, this stack is going to be an outright winner for you.

How to Get Started With MERN?

As with any new toolset, the question is how to get started? MERN stack is a set of open-source tools for building fast and scalable web applications. It consists of different tools that all rely on the MongoDB database for storage.

MERN is a set of tools for building fast, scalable web applications that are designed to make you more productive, smarter, and self-driving. It’s a set of tools for improving your workflow.

The goal of the MERN stack is to allow you to develop fast, scalable web applications, like those used by tech giants, such as Facebook, Google, and Salesforce.


The web development world is currently on the verge of explosive growth. All over the world, web developers are looking for ways to improve their productivity and results.

This article covered some important features and aspects of the MERN stack that will make you a better web developer and enhance your productivity.

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