About TechStrot

TechStrot is your place for knowing everything tech. Here, you will get listings, technical explanations, reviews, latest news, and more to better understand the technology that matters to you. Programming, networking, cryptocurrency; you name it, we got it.

TechStrot is a place for tech geeks, put together by tech geeks. We strive not to be another blog website with hordes of articles on tech with the main intent of successful marketing but to be a budding community of people of all age groups, experienced or not, with a fascination for technology. We love to discuss tech to bring forth new ideas and innovation.

But why tech? Because we like it, you like it, everybody likes it and, of course, the aim of technology is to make things simpler for homo sapiens. At present, we are on the verge of a technological explosion and TechStrot is here to guide you through it.

Is TechStrot for Me?

TechStrot is intended for:

  • Programmers of all levels.
  • Technical people with an interest in IT.
  • Avid readers wishing to know about a particular tech, in-depth.
  • Students looking to choose technology as a career.
  • Professionals working in digital technology.
  • People looking for genuine references for research work.

TechStrot – What’s in a Name!

TechStrot is an amalgamation of two words. The obvious one is the English word “tech” and the not so obvious one (for most) is strot, an English avatar of the Hindi word “स्रोत,“ which means origin or source. So, we want to be the source of your tech knowledge. Peace!

What the Future Holds for TechStrot?

Endless opportunities! Just like the topic of our fascination i.e. tech, we aim to evolve because evolution sustains life (and change). Maybe someday you get to work with TechStrot and inspire other people to achieve new horizons in technology, who knows!

Hope you have an enjoyable experience with us! Something confusing? Let us know at [email protected].