5 Best Screen Recording Applications for Android Phones


The evolution of Android smartphones is insane. It is the most popular mobile operating system in the world. There are a lot of tasks we can perform using Android smartphones, and perhaps the most needed and crucial task these days is screen recording.

Screen recording is possibly the most utilized feature in mobile devices nowadays. However, numerous Android users need more advanced screen recording features similar to the ones offered by the best screen recording apps for iPhone and iPad.

It’s not surprising to see many screen recorder applications for Android available on the Google Play Store nowadays.

Anyway, a few out of every odd one of them is truly worth your time since they either don’t fill in true to form or have various issues that hold you back from recording the screen the way you want it.

That’s why we have decided to provide an overview of the 5 best Android screen recording applications for Android that you can use with close to zero issues.

We’ve tested numerous applications and finally found these feature-rich screen recording applications for Android so you ought to have confidence that they work impeccably and satisfy all of your screen recording necessities.

Without further delay, let’s dive into the article!

5 Most Popular Screen Recorder Apps for Android

1/5 Screen Recorder – Kimcy 929a


If you want an all-rounded screen recorder with zero compromises then the Kimcy 929a screen recorder will be best for you. One of the important highlights of the Kimcy Screen Recorder app is that it is ad-free, which means it doesn’t frequently display annoying ads while recording the screen.

The most annoying thing about free screen recording (or any other) apps is advertisements. Often, these apps display ads that annoy users, but Kimcy is an ad-limited application. It lets users record screens up to 4k resolution at 24 – 120 FPS, with external mic support.

The app doesn’t collect cookies unless the user permits doing so while it is running. All promotions in the application are powered by the Admob Advertising Network of Google.

2/5XRecorder by InShot


InShot is a popular developer with extraordinary video editing applications. It mostly focuses on developing productive applications, and one of its most productive applications is XRecorder.

The screen recording application offered by InShot is a feature-packed screen recorder that comes equipped with all fundamental screen recording tools. It is easy to use and lets users record the screen up to 1080P at 60 FPS with the support of multiple external audio sources. Overall, it is the best screen recording application that you can kick off with.

3/5 A-Z Screen Recorder


We have been using this screen recording for years and just love it. AZ Screen Recorder is a very popular and one of the best screen recording applications for Android. The screen recorder for Android has a lot of customizable features and tools that can be utilized for professional screen recording.

Users can record the screen at a maximum resolution of 1080P  at 60 FPS with multiple external audio sources. From Android 10, this free screen recorder will uphold recording internal sound to listen and record ongoing interaction.

4/5Mobizen Screen Recorder


Mobizen Screen Recorder is very popular for its clean UI, devoid of any bloatware or bugs. The screen recording app lets users record screens without any watermark. Most of the screen recorders let users record screens with some kind of watermark, but Mobizen lets users record screens without one.

Like typical screen recording apps, Mobizen allows users to record the screen at a maximum resolution of 1080P at 60 FPS, with external audio support.

5/5 V Recorder


V Recorder and AZ Screen Recorder are like brothers. Both apps have many similarities but unlike AZ, V Recorder has an advanced feature, which lets users record the screen at a maximum of 2k resolution at 60 FPS.

But there is a catch. You can screen record at 1080 pixels or 2k only if you are a paid user. If you love the app’s interface and features and screen recording is something that’s an essential part of your work, then purchasing V Recorder is recommended.

The screen recording app for Android has a clean interface and gesture support. It also adds a 3-second time before recording your screen.

Honorable Mention – Native Screen Recorder


If you are looking for a minimal screen recorder that has no bloatware, ads, watermarks, or anything else annoying, then you can go with the native screen recorder on your Android phone.

Considering the popularity of screen capturing and recording, nowadays smartphones come with a native screen recording (and screen capturing) feature that lets users record the screen without any interruptions.

If you want to record the screen on the go without any complications then the native screen recording feature would help you. Just grab your phone and start recording.

You can see the screen recording option on your phone’s quick menu bar, which you can find by scrolling down your phone’s screen.

Summing it All Up

That’s it! These are the 5 best screen recording applications that we have cherry-picked for you to experience a safe, secure, and uninterrupted screen recording on your Android smartphone. We will refresh this rundown when we find more best screen recording applications for Android smartphones.

Assuming you know any screen recorder that you are using and love, please add it down in the comment section. Thanks for reading and we hope that you find these best screen recording applications for Android phones useful. Go ahead and share them with your friends!

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