Top Regression Testing Tools You Should Consider in 2023


Sometimes the untouched functioning of an app is adversely affected by the deployment of a new version. It occurs as a result of the unpredictability of code updates.

Ironically, removing bugs can introduce new ones. Regression testing is carried out by QA engineers to guard against it. Rerunning the tests against the modified application allows us to perform regression testing to see if the modified code affects anything that was previously working.

Regression testing should always be done while updating an application. This guarantees that the product will work properly with any added functionality, bug patches, or modifications to current features.

In this blog, you would come across the top regression testing tools that you can use to enhance the overall process of software testing.

Best Regression Tools to Use

1. Testimony

The only DevOps and test automation platforms created particularly for SAP software are comprised of Testimony by Basis Technologies. By doing away with the need to develop and maintain test scripts as well as handle test data, it reinvents SAP regression testing.

Once fully set up, Testimony’s innovative Robotic Test Automation technology can instantly generate a current regression test library anytime you need one, cutting weeks or months of labor down to a few days.

The regression tests run more frequently and more quickly. The test library is automatically created, run, and updated. It quickens the delivery, innovations, and improvements. Regression testing is moved to the left, which improves development efficiency.

2. Katalon Studio

It is another regression testing tool that is a complete automation testing platform. It is a strong tool with many features for developing and running test cases as well as automating testing procedures. It supports numerous programming languages.

Programming languages supported by Katalon Studio include Java, Groovy, and Python, making it appropriate for testers of all ability levels. Testing of all kinds, including functional, regression, and integration testing, is supported.

Additionally, it offers a record and replay function that enables users to record their interactions with web applications and replay them at a later time for testing.

3. Sahi Pro

More than 400 firms use the Sahi Pro test automation technology worldwide. It largely functions right out of the box and enables you to work with both sophisticated and straightforward test automation scenarios.

To provide testers with more time for innovative testing, Sahi Pro’s product philosophy aims to make test automation a low-effort activity. It is easy to use. To utilize the tool, no specialized training is required.

This utility includes a large number of integrated APIs. Light coding abilities and the use of built-in APIs are adequate; strong coding skills are not needed. Navigating to custom functions and using them are both straightforward.

4. Selenium

Selenium is a web-based regression testing tool. You can easily automate functional and regression test cases to save time and effort during manual testing. Generally, a regression suite has a large number of test cases, and it requires a lot of effort to run each test case after a code change.

To save time and effort, practically every firm now considers automating regression test cases. The application, technology being used, testing needs, and skill sets necessary for automation testing all play a role in selecting the best automation framework or solution.

Selenium is made up of the Selenium Webdriver, Selenium IDE, Selenium RC, and Selenium Grid components. These are all utilized for various testing objectives. Selenium Webdriver is an interface that enables us to create automation scripts that function and communicate with the browser.

Selenium supports several browsers, including Chrome, Edge, IE, and Opera. Additional programming languages supported by Selenium include Java, Python, Javascript, Ruby, etc.

5. testRigor

testRigor is a powerful no-code test automation tool. It helps to save costs while enhancing test coverage, which is why our clients chose to use it.

For any business that wants to develop robust automation coverage while avoiding the normal difficulties of test automation, this is the greatest option. It is now possible for manual QA to create complex automated regression using simple English statements. With this strategy, manual quality assurance can take control of a certain step in the automated process.

When compared to other top testing solutions, it allows for 99.5% less test maintenance. To swiftly fix any test failure and minimize downtime, it is simple to locate and replace functions.

6. Ranorex Studio

You can easily accelerate regression tests for desktop, mobile, and web using the potent automation tool Ranorex Studio. Codeless test automation, a complete development environment, and an API are all provided, making the tool both simple to use for novices and powerful enough for specialists.

Powerful object identification, a shareable object repository, and support for data-driven tests are among the features that users who want to make their regression tests easier to manage can take advantage of. The program generates clear test reports with customizable pictures, thorough error logs, and video capture.

7. TestComplete

TestComplete is among the top-rated regression testing tools and it is useful for concurrent regression testing. It easily generates automated regression tests for desktop, mobile, and web-based software. Under GUI modifications, these tests remain stable and unaffected.

Users probably won’t need to intervene manually because the tests are scheduled and executed automatically. We should highlight test recording, test visualizer, custom extensions, and database testing capabilities as some of the highlights.

The following steps make up the general process for running regression tests in TestComplete:

  • Debug and test the program.
  • Enhance the tested application in some way.
  • Create a test to evaluate the new build’s features.
  • Run the updated build through both the old and new tests.
  • Until everything is in order, fix and restart.

8. IBM Regression Tester

An automated tool for functional and regression testing is IBM Rational Functional Tester. This software offers automated functional, regression, GUI, and data-driven testing capabilities.

Numerous programs are supported by it, including web-based,.Net, Java, and SAP. Storyboard testing combines narrative natural language testing with visual editing using screenshots from the program.

To bridge the gap between human and automated testing, it offers keywords. With several checkpoints and support for regular expression pattern matching, you can control dynamic data validation. It minimizes the need for script rerecording and reduces script maintenance, all of which reduce rework.


A handful of the most significant tools for regression testing are described in this article. There are many regression testing tools on the market. When selecting the best tools for our needs, we must exercise caution. The ideal regression testing tool for your needs will entirely depend on what you need and what you can afford.

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