13 Java Projects to Boost Your Programming Skills in 2023


Java is one of the most in-demand programming languages. It is a popular programming language because of its platform independence, robustness, secure features and object-oriented programming capabilities.

Companies are constantly searching for talented Java developers who can create cutting-edge Java projects. So, it’s important to be industry-ready by building some projects that could help you brush up on your knowledge.

With every Java project, you will get an opportunity to learn simple to advanced concepts in programming. In this blog, we will discuss some cool project ideas in Java that you can take up as a base and build your ideas on them. So, let’s begin.

Java Project Ideas

1. Attendance Management System

For university grads, one of the primary tasks is an attendance monitoring system. It is essential to keep attendance records of the students, employees, and staff. This project idea can be used as a base to create an attendance system for your organization.

Java, the MVC framework, and Maven, as a building tool, can all be used to build the project. The application can be deployed to a Tomcat server using MySQL as the backend for database management. This allows users to view the application in action.

This project is a web application that tracks employees in a corporation as well as students at any institution or college. There could be an admin option that allows for any type of adjustment, including updating, deleting, and adding user data to the list. Don’t shy away from getting creative.

2. Currency Converter

The most recent market exchange rates for currencies must be known by anyone who sends money from one nation to another. This is taken into consideration while we design a currency converter, a little project in Java.

It is merely a calculator-like software created using web capabilities such as Ajax and Java servlets. This program updates its display of the current market value and conversion rate for each country’s currency on a regular basis.

Any user can use such an application, but it is most helpful in the business, stock, and financial sectors, where daily money transfers and currency exchanges occur.

3. Billing System

Before the goods are packed, most supermarkets employ software to create the final bill. Someone just learning Java may very easily design the software itself. The real billing software in supermarkets makes use of Java.

This billing software adds the costs of each item separately to arrive at the total that the consumer must pay. The user should be able to change the number of individual items and the price of each item. There should also be a choice to completely omit the item from the list. This is a beginner project in Java that you can tinker with freely.

4. Online Examination System

The majority of schools, colleges, universities, and even government and private businesses now administer exams online instead of on paper. This project may teach you more about a range of talents due to their widespread uses.

The intermediate project in Java may have features like logging in, updating your profile and password, choosing answers for multiple-choice questions, creating answers, ending sessions, and logging out.

5. Emailing Software

You must have used online email services like Gmail and Outlook for emailing purposes. What if one such application can be developed by you at the basic level? This project idea is one for sending and receiving email applications.

You will use the Java Mail API in the project along with common networking and sockets. Java APIs are used in the development of the project.

Along with the Java mail APIs, the project will also require common sockets and other networking components. SMTP and POP3 are the two primary protocols used in the project. This is one of the best introductory Java projects.

6. Resume Builder

Building a resume is difficult for many. This Java project’s goal is to streamline the customer’s experience during the process. The initiative simplifies the process of creating a resume for a person.

We can select a few expertly designed, industry-standard resume templates and ask the user to include the information they want to include in the resume.

After entering all the relevant data, a single button can produce a customized resume in pdf and doc format. You can develop a resume builder for selling or offering one freely over the web. The scope is aplenty.

7. Brick Breaker Game

Games are played by all. There are many games in the market that use Java at every level in some form. One such game is brick break. This could be a cool project idea to be considered in general, and not just in Java.

A player in the brick-breaker game controls a small platform at the bottom of the screen with the arrow keys on the keyboard. In the game, the player uses the platform to keep the ball moving.

The player’s objective is to smash as many bricks as they can. If your platform misses the ball, you will lose. You will use Java Swing, OOPs ideas, and many other things in this project.

8. Electricity Billing System

Billing systems in any form have several common features that could be effectively created with Java. We already discussed the supermarket billing system above. Another commonly used billing system is for electricity.

This Java project, which takes information from our power meter, is a modern take on the traditional electricity billing system. The main goal of this project is to automate the entire procedure in order to make it efficient, convenient, and smooth.

The software has the ability to calculate the bill amount based on the monthly electricity consumption. Considered to be among the top Java project ideas for beginners, the electricity billing system is a good place to start Java.

9. Word Counter

Beginner-friendly projects are a fantastic place to start. Here comes another widely used software that lets you count words in your paragraph, essay, document, and so on. This project can be created in Java using Swing.

The Java program informs you of the number of words in the entered paragraph. The best use for this Java program is word counting. There is a feature in this application that might be useful to you.

You may see the number of characters and paragraphs in addition to the word count. You can offer it as a free online tool with no word count restriction and totally free to use.

10. URL Shortener

You must have come across long URLs that need to be put somewhere but you find it difficult to put them due to their lengths. Here comes another project to the rescue. Although it may appear overly simple, this should be included in your programming or Java projects portfolio.

An excellent link shortener can work wonders in demonstrating your comprehension of data structures and algorithms. This is the fundamental ability most people neglect while learning programming.

The primary idea behind everything is hashing, but getting it to work across all browsers and point to the correct page rather than an error is difficult.

11. Supply Chain Management

One of the intriguing Java projects is this one. Supply chain management is the administration of organizations linked by a network.

It covers a wide range of management practices, including the processing, storing, and moving of raw materials, inventory, and the transportation of finished items from the point of origin to the point of sale.

By closely observing the dealers and clients and continuously following the items through the various points in the supply chain, this project seeks to streamline the process of supply chain management.

You can use the back-end database like MySQL and MS Access for this project with front-end technologies like JSP, JDBC, and HTML.

It is a web-based application that will automate the company’s communication between admins, dealers, and customers.

12. Password Generator

Have you ever written passwords in your phones, notebook, and documents, so that you can create a strong password with the desired conditions and remember it? This task seems hectic to most of us. This project idea will help you with simplifying this task.

To create secure and complicated passwords for their accounts, people use password generators. You can use the function that Java provides to provide such functionality on your own. The password generator program helps to create a password whenever a user is creating an account on a new website.

You can impose such a feature that it saves passwords in encrypted form to increase the security of the password. To improve this project, you’d also need to master a few cryptography fundamentals.

13. Airline Reservation System

The development of an airline reservation system using Java is regarded as one of the best ideas ever. It is a web application with dynamic data that will be used by a large number of people at once.

Therefore, developers must handle the backend development. Regular database updates are required as time goes on.


You can now begin with the Java projects that best suit your current knowledge, skill set, and difficulty level.

Start with simpler projects and progressively advance to more complex ones. With time you will realize that these projects played a great role in boosting your career as a Java developer. All the best!

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