Top 10 Online Machine Learning Course Providers


As businesses attempt to build artificial intelligence, Machine learning courses online have grown in popularity all over the world. Future employment opportunities in the disciplines of machine learning and artificial intelligence will be huge. Gadgets that we use consistently integrate the AI rule. Examples include cars, translations, analytics, and virtual assistants. Artificial intelligence, which includes machine learning, will be extremely important in the future by assisting people in overcoming challenges and minimizing human effort.

Anyone with any interest in a career in robotics or knowledge engineering will profit from this course. You can get regular employment in the business intelligence and artificial intelligence departments if you have expertise in machine learning.

For your reference, I have likewise incorporated a rundown of the 10 best online machine learning course providers.

Top Machine Learning Course Providers

1. Henry Harvin

The institution with the highest recommendation is Henry Harvin because its courses will provide you with the analytical grounding you need to be qualified for high-paying employment. Machine Learning Courses online are available from Henry Harvin in R and Python, two well-liked programming languages. Depending on the course you enroll in, you’ll receive a brief introduction to either Python or R programming.

The course content will cover all the key aspects of machine learning, including statistics, data manipulation, regression, decision trees, coding, cluster analysis, and graphical representation. Industry-recognized instructors, flexible schedules, a one-year gold membership with bootcamp sessions, placement chances, and a 2 to 4 months internship are some of the benefits of the course.

2. My Great Learning

One of the top organizations in India that offer skills training is Great Learning. They provide online machine learning courses. Leading professionals in the business created the course. Students will get the chance to participate in an immersive learning environment and get top-notch placement support. To provide learners with unmatched placement support, Great Learning collaborates with more businesses. Some of the well-known employers are Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Lenovo, Watson, eBay, Hcl, Intel, Pwc, etc.

3. Intellipaat

Machine learning courses online and artificial intelligence are available from Intellipat. On their websites, you may find prestigious universities that provide courses. You’ll learn about AI and machine learning concepts like Deep Learning, Regression Models, Ml Algorithms, etc. through the courses. Additionally, you will work on a variety of current, industry-based projects throughout these online courses, which will enrich your education and give you practical experience.

4. Edx

Alums from Harvard and MIT founded the enormous open online learning platform known as Edx. In this course, you will gain an understanding of the models and techniques used in artificial intelligence and machine learning and apply them to a variety of real-world problems, such as identifying trending news topics, creating recommendation engines, rating sports teams, and predicting the movements of zombies in movies. Topics include classification and regression, clustering techniques, sequential models, matrix factorization, topic modeling, and model choice.

5. Imarticus

The Imarticus institution provides online certification programs in machine learning and artificial intelligence that were developed in partnership with the E&ICT Academy at IIT Guwahati to maximize learning outcomes for aspirant students. You will actually want to land your dream career because of our series 9-month program. You will establish a solid foundation in data science ideas, and industry professionals will assist you in understanding how to apply machine learning, deep learning, and AI approaches in practical ways through the use of real-world projects from various sources. The benefits of the course include an in-depth discussion of data science, machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, and computer vision. Obtain first-hand experience working on actual projects.

6. Upgrad

The majority of working people, and even students looking to get a degree from a prestigious college, prefer Upgrad’s machine learning courses online. These courses typically last between a few weeks and around three months. The machine learning crash course is another well-liked course. Many businesses design their curricula to fit the job profiles for particular positions, which aids in the acclimatization of experts and students to the native artificial intelligence environment. Access to their special Job Opportunities Portal, round-the-clock support, and a flexible learning environment are additional benefits.

7. Stanford Online

Standford Online is among the popular machine learning course providers. The foundation is viewed as one of the top colleges in the world. Complete knowledge of machine learning subjects like cluster analysis, regression, data visualization, coding, and many more are included in the course material.

8. Google AI

On the Google training site, there are a few AI courses accessible. On the learning platform, you may access all the machine learning courses. There are numerous courses that address each machine learning technique separately. After the course is finished, they will also provide certification. All you must do in order to take advantage of the course benefits is sign up and log into the Google AI website.

9. Simplilearn

Online machine learning courses are available from the Simplilearn Institute, which is renowned for hosting boot camps all around the world. Freshers who need to find out about AI ought to take this course. The course is expected to give AI engineers, information researchers, and man-made consciousness experts with a solid ground foundation ployable capacities. Learn by doing in the areas of text mining, time series, live interactive and self-paced learning, and data preprocessing. Anyone wishing to learn machine learning and launch their profession will find the curriculum suitable.

10. Udemy

Anyone interested in learning machine learning can purchase the self-paced machine learning courses online on Udemy, a vast open platform for skill development. In addition to lifetime access to recorded sessions, publications, and the Udemy Q&A platform, the course will be delivered by an instructor with extensive expertise in machine learning topics. Aspirants and working experts who need to further develop their capacities ought to take this course.


Machine learning, which has already begun to work its magic around the globe, will reportedly play a significant role in the future, according to a number of sources. By ordering and using virtual assistants, you can start vehicles like cars and motorcycles, as well as other home equipment like the TV, lights, and air conditioner.

The future potential of machine learning is enormous and it is still in development. Organizations have a strong need for workers with an understanding of artificial intelligence and machine learning since these fields are used to construct robots that assist humans in dangerous jobs and tasks.

We have listed the top machine learning course providers in this blog post, and you can check out their best machine learning courses to boost your knowledge and excel in your career.


  1. Does machine learning include data science?

No, artificial intelligence includes machine learning. Artificial intelligence will be used to extract data from many sources.

  1. What types of employment may we apply for after finishing machine learning courses online?

Machine learning analysts, designers of business intelligence solutions, AI engineers, etc.

  1. Is coding experience necessary for machine learning courses online?

If you want to work in the disciplines of machine learning and artificial intelligence, you must have coding knowledge. Institutions do, however, provide courses specifically for non-coders. Throughout the training session, they will cover the necessary coding abilities.

  1. Which programming language is preferable for taking machine learning courses online?


  1. Are machine learning and robots the same thing?

If you want to create robots, you must be familiar with machine learning concepts because they deal with important things like speech and picture recognition.

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