8 Reasons Why You Need to Use SEMrush for Marketing


It can be challenging to know where to start looking for backlinks. With so many tools available, how do you decide which one to use? One great option is SEMrush. It is a tool that helps you find backlink opportunities.

Also, it can help your website rank better and enables you to make money as a blogger or online marketer. This article will break down the 8 reasons that make SEMrush a must-have backlink finding tool.

8 Best Reasons to Get SEMrush for Marketing

1. It’s Free to Sign Up!

SEO is incredibly competitive and a lot of blogs are looking to make backlinks to their websites. If you want your blog or website to be more competitive in the search engine space then you need to add quality backlinks. Also, you must advertise your website on reputed blogs.

This is why it’s important to have an up-to-date backlink tool. If you don’t have a backlink tool then you will need to spend money on one. SEMrush is a great resource for finding backlinks as well as promotional opportunities without sparing even a penny.

2. Compare your Website with Industry Leaders and your Competitors

SEMrush tools enable you to look up competitors and industry leaders to find links on their websites. In addition to this, the online marketing platform also helps you find news related to industry leaders and in-depth analysis on their websites.

You can use the SEO tool to find trending keywords related to your industry. Search for popular keywords, and use the tool to see where they rank on search engines like Google Search and Bing. If you’re new to keyword research or you’re struggling to find the best keywords to use in your website, then you need to go for the all-in-one digital marketing tool.

3. It’s All Too Easy

SEMrush has a straightforward, easy-to-use interface that enables its users to quickly explore the potential of a certain URL. The results of the analysis are easily available and can be used to create backlinks and increase traffic.

You can easily find the exact backlinks that you are looking for. Simply enter a URL or a keyword and the digital marketing tool will show you backlinks that have been discovered from your search query. You can also narrow down your results by either pasting a custom anchor text or searching for the keywords manually.

4. SEMrush Has a Large Web Index to Make Backlink Research Fast and Simple

There are so many tools out there to find backlinks. Having a tool that’s used by so many others means that you are always looking at backlinks that other websites are looking at too.

The aforementioned point applies to SEMrush too, however, it has a giant web index that makes backlink research fast and simple.

5. Keep Track of Your Rankings

SEMrush is a very powerful SEO tool. Basically, it’s like an analytics platform that allows you to track the competition but also allows you to track your rankings in search engines.

You can do a lot of things with the SEO tool, including seeing when you registered for a website, how much traffic your website gets from organic search, and what keywords send traffic to your site.

6. SEMrush Gets You Better Advertising Opportunities, Fast

Outbound advertising is an area of marketing that many consider being ‘too risky,’ or they think it simply costs too much. However, searching for targeted prospects in the right location and with the right skill set can make all the difference in increasing your reach with the lowest cost per customer acquisition.

SEMrush offers competitive tools and other solutions in order to empower advertisers. This includes everything from banner ads, email marketing, social networks, and fixed price per click advertising. Not all businesses are using these kinds of methods and as a result, they are losing out on big opportunities for growth.

7. Find Advertising Opportunities Before Your Competitors Do

There are so many places where you could advertise, but if you aren’t constantly searching the market for new opportunities, then it will be harder to find them. Some companies wait until their competitors beat them to the punch before they take action. You don’t need to be like them.

If you use a tool like SEMrush to perform keyword research (and you should), then you’ll have an advantage over others in your niche who are waiting for someone else to strike first.

8. Check Where Your Keywords are Ranking

Keyword ranking is a good metric to keep track of your marketing efforts. With keyword ranking, you can monitor how well your keyword research is going. SEMrush is an efficient SEO tool that enables users to track keyword rankings across all the major search engines and the organic listings down to the country level.

You can check ranking for specific keywords in a number of locations across Google Search making it easy to see where your site is appearing. Results are displayed in a nice table, making it easy to evaluate which content you need to improve.


SEMrush is a powerful SEO and marketing tool that can do wonders for the search engine rankings of your website. It offers a range of features in the free tier that is sufficient for any new website. To get advanced features, the paid tier is available.

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