9 Best JavaScript Courses to Boost Learning


JavaScript is what powers a wide majority of the web. Along with HTML and CSS, it forms the foundation of the internet. In fact, JavaScript is used as the client-side programming language by 98% of websites. Thus, it is a lucrative technology to learn and earn.

There are several ways of learning JavaScript. This includes books, tutorials, webinars, courses, and guides. In this article, we are going to present a list of the 9 best JavaScript courses.

Top 9 JavaScript Courses

1. The Complete JavaScript Course 2022: From Zero to Expert!

Offered by – Udemy

Difficulty – Beginner

Complete JavaScript Course 2022: From Zero to Expert is a continuously updated course that is also one of Udemy’s most popular JavaScript courses. There is no coding expertise required to begin this course, as it is aimed at complete newcomers.

Students will, however, require access to a computer (Windows, macOS, or Linux). Basic HTML/CSS expertise is recommended but not essential, according to the instructor. Over 600,000 students have enrolled in this program, with over 138,000 students giving it a review that corresponds to an average 4.7-star rating.

The course includes over 25 assignments and over 25 code problems (with solutions supplied so you don’t get lost). It was recently updated to reflect the most recent ES2021/ES2022 capabilities.

Its goal is to teach students JavaScript from the ground up, from beginner to advanced, so that they are equipped with the real-world skills they will need to work as a developer.

You won’t need to search further for JavaScript training because the course covers basic, intermediate, advanced, and expert topics. In addition, students complete five projects during the course that they can include in their portfolios.

2. Modern JavaScript From The Beginning

Offered by – Udemy

Difficulty – Beginner

Modern JavaScript from the Ground Up is a popular Udemy course that assumes students have a basic understanding of HTML and CSS. This course is a wonderful alternative for anyone who wants to learn JavaScript because it has a low entry barrier.

The JavaScript course begins with the fundamentals and progresses to more sophisticated concepts in JS without the use of frameworks or libraries.

This is a good course to take if you want to study a lot of pure JavaScript. If you’re serious about studying JS professionally, this is a terrific place to start. It provides you with all of the necessary JavaScript knowledge and expertise to begin working on your JS projects.

3. The Modern JavaScript Tutorial

Offered by – GitHub

Difficulty – Intermediate

Even though this course is free on Github, it is also available in PDF format for a nominal fee. Purchasing the PDF supports the website while also making it easy to read through the course information without having to navigate through the Github repository. The Modern JavaScript Tutorial’s whole contents are divided into three sections:

  1. The JavaScript Language: Discusses how to get started with JavaScript programming and the numerous essential concepts of the popular web scripting language.
  2. Browser: Documents, Events, and Interfaces: Describes how to manage web pages, including how to add items, position and resize them, create dynamic interfaces, and interact with visitors.
  3. Complementary articles: Describes advanced JS ideas in detail.

javascript.info’s ‘The Modern JavaScript Tutorial’ is one of the best free JavaScript courses available right now, covering everything from the very basics to advanced JavaScript topics.

4. Learn JavaScript

Offered by – Codecademy

Difficulty – Beginner

You don’t need any prior JS or programming skills to take this 20-hour JavaScript course. It is among the top tutorials for JS beginners because of its well-explained examples and a plethora of quizzes.

This course will walk you through the fundamentals of the dynamically typed, prototype-based, object-oriented programming language that is JS. It covers everything from data types and JavaScript functions to control flow and loops in the JavaScript programming language. It is one of the most valuable JS courses accessible today.

Students will have tasks to complete during this course that will allow them to apply their newly gained knowledge. A sleep debt calculator, Kelvin weather, and other projects are among them.

5. JavaScript: The Advanced Concepts (2022 Update)

Offered by – Udemy

Difficulty – Advanced

Have you mastered the fundamentals of JavaScript and want to move on to more advanced JavaScript topics? If yes, you should take this course. Since it is aimed at advanced users, candidates must have a basic understanding of JavaScript in order to follow along.

Updated for 2022, JavaScript: The Advanced Concepts has been taken by over 60,000 students and flaunts a superb rating of 4.8 stars and 11k+ reviews.

This one might be worth a look if you’re seeking JavaScript online lessons that aren’t like any other. It enables students to grasp complex JS ideas more quickly, perhaps reducing years of study into as little as thirty days.

The JavaScript course also provides candidates like you with a far deeper grasp of the “whys” underlying the language so that you can answer JavaScript queries like a true expert.

6. JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts

Offered by – Udemy

Difficulty – Advanced

Understanding the Weird Parts is an online JavaScript course for advanced users. Because this is a more advanced class, candidates must have a robust understanding of JavaScript loops, variables, and fundamental functions. The course requires candidates to have access to a web browser and a text editor.

The goal of this course is to show students how JavaScript works behind the scenes. Students will learn how to prevent common coding errors and enhance their debugging skills as a result of this course.

It also delves further into frameworks like Underscore and jQuery, the most popular JS library, examining their source code to teach students how to figure out and borrow (rather than plagiarize) from other competent programs. Students can also master the fundamental skills needed to create a JavaScript library or framework.

7. JavaScript Tutorial

Offered by – freeCodeCamp

Difficulty – Beginner

Those who want to learn JavaScript and other programming languages can use freeCodeCamp to get all of the information they need. The 300-hour JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures certification is the parent program of this JavaScript course.

Candidates can move ahead with this course, but they should be informed that until they complete the entire parent program, they will not receive a certificate.

Candidates can link their freeCodeCamp credentials to their LinkedIn profiles or resumes. They must complete five projects and pass all of their assessments to earn the certification.

8. JavaScript – learn by doing

Offered by – Udemy

Difficulty – Intermediate

This is one of the shortest courses on this list of best JavaScript courses. This training is only four and a half hours long and requires an internet browser and an active internet connection. This course will teach you the fundamentals of the programming language of the web.

There are several projects (to-do list, carousel slider, shopping cart, and so on) where you may follow along and observe how JavaScript is used in real-world situations. The course’s author, Neyvan Neykov, claims that the curriculum covers enough content to allow candidates to get started working as junior developers.

9. JavaScript Guide

Offered by – Mozilla

Difficulty – All Levels

Mozilla, in a true open-source fashion, provides a free resource from which aspiring developers can learn a wide range of skills. The JavaScript Guide on the Mozilla Developer Network includes something for everyone, from absolute beginners to seasoned JavaScript developers.

MDN’s JavaScript Guide is one of the best free JavaScript courses, despite the fact that it isn’t an organized course that will walk you through everything step-by-step. Nonetheless, The Mozilla Developer Network JavaScript Guide is one of the most extensive JS guides available.


That concludes our list of the 9 best JavaScript courses. Hopefully, you’ll be able to discover one or two JavaScript courses that meet your needs.

While there is no substitute for hands-on programming experience, a certification will help you stand out from the crowd and give you more confidence in what you can accomplish and achieve with your abilities.

Furthermore, combining these courses with JavaScript books, webinars, and other learning material will boost your JS learning experience. All the best!

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