Best Python Course in 2023 [Top 7]


Python is one of the most popular languages and has seen a significant upsurge in its popularity over the past few years because of its versatility. Python is a high-level language that is used across all industries for development.

This makes it very popular with programmers and coders. Being an imperative programming language, it has gained popularity among developers not only for web development but also for scripting.

In this article, we present a list of the top 7 Python courses that you can learn to face up the challenges as well as take as a career opportunity at the same time.

9 Best Python Courses in 2023

1. Python Fundamentals for Beginners

Offered by: Great Learning

Whether you are just starting as a programmer, or you have dabbled with other languages such as PHP or Javascript, Python Fundamentals for Beginners will teach you the basics of this easy-to-learn but a powerful programming language.

The Python course presents 4 hours of video content and starts with explaining the basic concepts of programming. Next, it dives into the basics of Python including data types, operators, strings, and variables in Python. The best free Python course also looks into data structures in Python along with flow control statements and object-oriented programming.

It is the best online Python course to quickly learn the basics of the popular programming language for data science and start working on Python beginner projects.

2. Complete Python Bootcamp: Go From Zero To Hero In Python 3

Offered by: Udemy

In this 12.5-hours long Python course, you’ll learn about lists, functions, classes, object-oriented programming, modules, regular expressions, and variables and constants. The course is put together by Walid Hikal, a Network and Security Engineer.

Like other Udemy courses, you can access this course via TV and smartphone. The Python course covers essential topics every beginner needs to know, including string handling, iterators and generators, dictionaries and keyword arguments, and tuples and files.

3. The Complete Python Masterclass

Offered by: Udemy

The Complete Python Masterclass is the best Python course on Udemy for beginners. In this course, the instructor teaches you the basics of the powerful programming language, from how to work with its various data types to understanding advanced concepts such as decorators, metaclasses, descriptors, and Unicode.

The entire course is almost 40 hours long and divided into 402 lectures. To further enhance the learning experience, The Complete Python Masterclass comes with 39 articles and 2 downloadable resources.

4. The Python Mega Course 2022: Build 10 Real-World Applications

Offered by: Udemy

Utilizing Python on your computer can help you solve problems quicker. Whether you want to create a video game app or write an algorithm, Python is the way to go. This course gives you more control over what you are building. The course is put together by Ardit Sulce, a veteran Python programmer.

The Python Mega Course 2022 comes replete with coding exercises. This Python course will make you more confident about writing computer programs. In addition, more importantly, you will be able to build something that works exactly how you want it.

5. Practice Python with 100 Python Exercises

Offered by: Udemy

This course is among the best Python courses on Udemy. It aims to make learners proficient in the most useful and frequently used Python features. This Python course includes, among other things, practical advice on what exactly to pay attention to and how to avoid common pitfalls.

The course is offered to their employees by many top firms, which include Nasdaq and Volkswagen. It also comes with a set of programming tasks and solutions that may be of interest to both students and programmers. Other than the 100 exercises, the Python course comes with 2 hours of on-demand video, 145 articles, and 48 downloadable resources.

6. Python for Everybody Specialization

Offered by: Coursera

Python for Everybody Specialization extends your Python skills to bigger and real-world tasks by supporting you in learning web development tools and web software frameworks. In this specialization, you’ll gain the knowledge needed to build efficient and dynamic websites.

You’ll walk out of this learning experience with a solid understanding of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and how to combine them with Python to create web applications that can manage nearly any form of data.

7. Google’s Python Class

Offered by: Google

Take a quick look through Google’s Python Class, the best free Python course from the tech leader. The Python course is divided into many sections and starts with features and security information, then moves into topics like building simple scripts and apps, working with files and data structures, and regular expressions.

Bonus Python Learning Resources

1) Python Tutorial for Beginners | Full Python Programming Course

Offered by: Programming with Mosh

It is the best video tutorial for Python. No matter if you’re a beginner in programming or an experienced coder looking for an easy-to-use scripting language to help you automate tasks quickly, Python is the go-to option.

Also, if you want to make a website from scratch using Python, this course covers web development ideas and skills every web developer would love to know, from building a web crawler to creating a blog with HTML and CSS.

2) Python for You and Me

Offered by: pym

This free online book covers all the major concepts of the Python programming language. The book is a great resource for experienced programmers who want to upskill their Python programming. Moreover, it allows programmers to have a head start with the latest Python 3 programming language.


In this blog, we have listed the 7 best Python courses and 2 top Python learning resources. We have tried to be as detailed as possible when listing out their key aspects and important updates about these courses.

If you are looking for a good programming language to learn then you can surely pick up Python. We believe the above courses will not only help you learn Python but also programming and how modern programming languages work.

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