Top 5 Database Testing Tools to Use in 2023


Database plays a significant role in any kind of software. A database is a planned grouping of data that has been arranged and is often kept electronically in a computer system. Database management is an on-demand skill for any IT and non-IT sector.

For storing data, databases come in handy in a variety of situations. When many pieces of data need to be connected together, such as students at a school and their grades, we need to utilize a database.

A database system keeps track of crucial information about an organization, and when that information is evaluated, it may be used to guide decisions.

Databases can be classified into 3 different types.

  1. Network Database
  2. Object-Oriented Database
  3. Hierarchical Database

We can find a huge number of tools for data management. One of the most popular tools that are widely used by organizations for database management is the database testing tool.

Database test cases are developed using a variety of SQL statements for database testing. Various DDL, DML, and DCL statements can also be used in addition to these. Create, Insert, Select, and Update are some examples.

Structural database testing is one of the most widely used database testing types. It covers testing stored procedures, verifying triggers, views, testing tables, columns, and more.

Structural database testing entails examining database functioning from the perspective of the user. White box and black box testing are the two most used types.

I hope you got an overview of database management and its testing tools. Now let’s get deeper into the best database testing tools.

Top 5 DatabaseTesting Tools

1. SolarWinds

One of the most widely used database testing tools is SolarWinds. Its Database Performance Analyzer is intended to function as a SQL database monitoring software by centralizing the management and monitoring of SQL Server, MySQL database, and extra databases into a single application.

Additionally, SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer identifies performance problems and offers professional assistance. Machine learning-powered anomaly detection enables DBAs to proactively improve databases before minor issues turn into major ones.

That has been said, this software supports cross-platform databases in the cloud and on-premises. The tool also lets users clear their doubts and query with experts and tuning advisors.

2. Data Factory

DataFactory is a commercial database testing tool. It is one of the most widely used products on the market. Due to its extended capabilities, it is often employed in business settings.

One of the most highlighted features of DataFactory is that it saves a ton of time, and the database test tool has an intuitive UI. This program managed complicated data linkages and had an intuitive, cutting-edge user interface.

The tool makes it simple to load tests or conduct stress tests on the database. It serves as both a data manager and a generator for databases.

3. Mockup Data

Another well-liked tool for testing databases for businesses is MockUp Data. With the help of this sophisticated database testing tool, you may produce vast amounts of data for testing.

MockupData falls within the Test Data Generator category as well. It creates a large volume of data quickly and checks for relationships and foreign keys across numerous tables at once and also creates CSV files with accurate data.

4. DbVisualizer

DbVisualizer is yet another well-known database testing tool. It is a great tool to analyze and manage databases, schemas, objects, and table data as well as to automatically design, write, and optimize queries.

Task scheduling using SQL Server Agent is supported by DbVisualizer. With the use of its built-in scheduling tools and the command-line interface, jobs may also be automatically scheduled outside of the MSSQL Server client.

5. MS SQL Server

Similar to other database testing tools, Microsoft SQL Server serves a wide range of business intelligence, analytics, and transaction processing applications in corporate IT settings.

The relational database is manipulated by this tool, which also saves database data and executes SQL instructions and queries. Additionally, it oversees and administers all database activities.

This kind of database test can be classified into two ways to construct tests: either you generate them from the database using a T-SQL script, or you manually add tests using templates.

Given its advantages and choices, the MS SQL server is frequently used for database testing. Before utilizing a tool, testers must examine and become familiar with its database structures. Because it delivers anticipated outcomes for VB and C# projects, the tool has grown in popularity.

To Sum it Up All

So, the aforementioned are the 5 best database testing tools that both beginners and experts can use. I hope this article helped you to find the best database testing tool for your needs.

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