9 Best HTML Projects for Developers in 2023 (w/ Source Code)


If you are into web development, you must know that HTML is the basis of the modern web. HTML is the abbreviation for HyperText Markup Language, and it is the standard markup language used to create the underlying structure of web pages.

For anyone who wants to become a web developer, HTML is a must-have skill. The knowledge of HTML will help you to structure websites and web apps. With HTML code, you can create web pages and add different types of elements to them.

If you want to strengthen your knowledge of HTML and implement HTML concepts in reality, you need to develop some HTML projects. In this article, we are going to list down some exciting HTML project ideas for you. Also, you can add them to your resume so that recruiters can get a good idea of your HTML skills and you get a job quite easily.


9 Best HTML Projects to Develop in 2023

The following are some of the best HTML project ideas that you may find interesting. To make it easier for you to pick a project that matches your existing knowledge and skills of HTML, we have divided our list into three different segments. Now, let’s move ahead to take a look at the most popular HTML project ideas for beginners, intermediates, and experts.

Entry-level HTML Projects for Beginners

1. Portfolio Website

Objective – To build a simple Portfolio website that showcases your work and highlights your professional details.

If you are new to HTML, working on a portfolio website project can be a great idea. In general, a portfolio website highlights the work accomplished by someone (which is you in this case).

The best thing about a portfolio website is that it is easy to develop and having only basic knowledge of HTML and CSS would be sufficient. While creating a portfolio website, it is up to you whether you want to create multiple web pages or keep it limited to one single page.

The portfolio website you need to create should have multiple pages or sections for displaying information such as work experience, projects, personal details, and contact details. Also, you can add your CV or resume to the portfolio website.

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2. Basic Landing Page

Objective – To develop a single web page that provides detailed information about a product or service.

Landing pages are highly popular among businesses for promoting their products and services. Moreover, a landing page highlights the key details of a product or service and persuades a potential customer to make a purchase or contact the sales team.

This project idea requires you to develop a simple landing page that promotes a dummy product or service. While developing the landing page, you need to make sure that you use both images and text to provide ample information or details of the product/service to the visitors.

A landing page also contains various CTAs (call-to-action) so that a visitor can take a certain action. Usually, we use CTAs for visitors to take various actions, such as contact the sales team, buy a product/service, and subscribe to the newsletter to get regular updates on a product/service.

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3. Survey Form

Objective – To create a basic survey form that collects certain information from individuals.

A survey form is among the best HTML practice projects that can help you boost your knowledge of HTML. In general, businesses use survey forms to gather some sort of information from their potential or existing customers.

To build a survey form, you simply need to add multiple input fields and add text above each input field to highlight the information that a customer needs to fill in. For instance, if you require the basic personal information of an individual, you need to add input fields that ask for the customer’s name, age, occupation, email, contact number, etc.

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4. Technical Documentation

Objective – To develop a technical documentation web page that allows you to quickly jump to the different sections of the documentation.

This is yet another great HTML project idea for beginners that you can consider adding to your portfolio. In general, online technical documentation is a web page that contains information and guidelines on how to use a particular technology or a gadget.

The technical documentation that you need to create should contain multiple sections that talk about the different aspects of the technology under consideration. You can divide the interface into two vertical sections: the right section would host the table of content, while the right section displays the text or information. Also, you can add the functionality that allows a user to click on one of the titles under the table of content to display its content.

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Intermediate-Level HTML Projects

5. Restaurant Website

Objective – To develop the client-side of a dedicated restaurant website.

If you have some experience working with HTML and CSS, this project would be a suitable pick for you. In this project, you need to develop a fancy website for a restaurant. However, while building the website, you only need to build the client-side of the website and there’s no need to develop its back-end.

The challenging aspect of this project is that you need to build multiple web pages and have to style them using CSS. In general, a restaurant website has pages including a home page, a contact us page, and an about us page. The home page needs to showcase the photos of the restaurant along with some information about the restaurant.

The contact page needs to have the contact information of the restaurant. Also, it can highlight the social media handles of the restaurant. When it comes to the about page, it should highlight different information about the restaurant such as its mission, vision, employees, etc.

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6. Website with Parallax Effect

Objective – To create a website and add parallax effects to one or more of its pages.

If you are into web development, you might already be aware of the popularity of the parallax effect. Websites with parallax effects look modern and stylish. In general, the parallax effect is a type of visual effect where the background (usually an image) and the foreground of a website move at different speeds.

While developing a website, you can add parallax effects throughout the website or on one or two web pages. However, you need to make sure that your website is responsive so that the parallax effect works properly across devices with different screen sizes.

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7. Music Shop

Objective – To develop an online store that allows visitors to listen to and buy individual songs and music albums.

An online music shop is another good HTML project idea for individuals who have experience working with HTML and CSS. In this project, you need to build a visually appealing website that showcases various music singles and albums that one can listen to and buy.

You can add various sections to the music shop page, such as top songs, top playlists, trending artists, etc. Also, the users should be able to play some part of a song before buying it. Additionally, you can even list musical instruments and sell them on the website.

While there’s a lot of back-end development work required to make the music shop fully functional, you simply need to develop the front-end section. Developing the back-end is optional as it will require you to make use of programming languages and technologies other than HTML and CSS.

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Expert-Level HTML Projects

8. News Website

Objective – To develop a news website that provides news across a wide range of categories.

A news website is among the best HTML practice projects for experienced web developers. If you have already worked on several HTML and CSS projects, you can easily develop a news website.

As you know, a news website displays news across a wide range of categories, you need to create multiple web pages for your news website and divide the home page into several sections. Some of the most popular news categories that you can add to your website include Entertainment, Sports, Technology, Politics, and Business.

While creating a news website, you need to highlight the latest news from multiple categories on the home page. Also, you need to show a snippet of each news, and users should be able to click on the news snippet or photo to view the complete story that is displayed on a separate web page.

The header section of your news website should display the news categories so that visitors can navigate to them with ease.

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9. Full-Fledged Website with Animations

Objective – To develop a modern website having different animations.

Animations are something that most individuals love to see on a website. On that note, our next project idea is about adding animations (a lot of them) to a website. To add animations to a website, you need to have good knowledge of CSS as well as JavaScript.

It is possible for you to add GIFs to enable animations to a website. Also, by leveraging CSS you can animate the text displayed on the website. You can animate mouse hovering, page loading, user inputs, menus, and much more. If you have knowledge of JavaScript, you can use it to control the animations and make them look better.

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Wrapping it All

HTML, along with CSS and JavaScript are the core technologies that you need to master if you want to become a proficient front-end web developer. The HTML project mentioned above can help you enhance your knowledge of HTML and help you put your knowledge into practice.

As you can see, we have divided the HTML project ideas into three categories; entry-level, intermediate-level, and expert-level, so that it becomes easy for you to pick ones based on your experience level.

Which HTML project idea did you find the most interesting? Is there any other HTML project idea that you think should be on this list? Well, you can provide your feedback directly in the comments section at the end of this post.

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