Top Reasons to Choose Cloud ERP for Growing Your Business


Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is essential to deal with the resource management needs of an organization. The importance of an ERP tool increases as the organization grows.

Contrary to an on-premises ERP solution, a cloud ERP solution is one that runs on a cloud platform like Microsoft Azure. The most notable aspect of a web-based ERP tool is that you can access it from anywhere using the internet.

What is a Cloud ERP Tool?

A cloud-based ERP tool or a cloud ERP software is hosted by the ERP vendor on its servers. Hence, by opting for a cloud-based ERP, businesses save themselves from a lot of issues that are inherent to an on-premises ERP tool, such as licensing fees, while enjoying the same, or even better, functionality.

Best Reasons to Opt for a Cloud ERP Solution

There are several great reasons to choose a cloud ERP software for your business, varying from reduced infrastructure costs to superb scalability. Here are the 4 best reasons to switch to a cloud-based ERP solution:

1. Reduced Infrastructure and Operating Costs

A cloud ERP tool can cost as much as 30% less than an on-premises ERP solution. The biggest reason is that web-based ERP providers host and manage software on their servers. This saves upfront infrastructure costs as well as additional costs for maintaining the IT staff, other departments, security, and updates.

2. Fast Implementation Speed

The implementation time of any ERP solution directly affects the downtime of a business. As cloud ERP saves organizations from choosing and setting up hardware and IT staff, the whole implementation speed gets a big boost.

3. High Scalability

Scalability becomes effortless with a cloud-based ERP solution. With the growth of the organization, the need for ERP grows. You can simply scale up or down ERP solutions without the need of adding or removing hardware.

4. Easy Customizability

Customization is a big challenge with on-premises ERP. This is not the case with a cloud ERP solution though. Cloud-based ERP solutions are easy to customize and present a galore of options to make them efficient.

Best Cloud-based ERP Software

Owing to the popularity of cloud-based ERP tools, there are a galore of them available in the market. Obviously, not all of them are made equal. Here is our pick of the 10 best cloud-based ERP solutions that you can try:

  1. Netsuite ERP

  2. Acumatica

  3. Rossum

  4. Method:CRM

  5. Scoro

  6. Kechie ERP

  7. Tipalti

  8. Brahmin Solutions

  9. Odoo

  10. Sage Intacct


The demand for cloud-based ERP software is on the rise because it can easily scale up/down as per the needs of an organization. Among the various benefits it offers, the top reason to choose cloud ERP solutions is convenience.

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