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10 PHP Projects to Get Your Hands Dirty With in 2023


To begin learning anything one must do practical work along with theoretical learning. Building basic projects is the most effective technique to start with any programming language. Many languages are available on the market, and businesses recruit experts in each and pay them well. PHP is one of these.

It is one of the popular server-side scripting languages with a huge demand in the market. If you aspire to learn PHP, then there are ample sources available that you can refer to, but those wouldn’t be enough to enhance your practical knowledge. For building practical proficiency, you need to work on PHP projects.

It will be easier for you to understand PHP if you have some good projects. In this blog, we’ll talk about a few project suggestions you might use to gain practical programming experience in the popular programming language for developing backends.

Best PHP Projects

1. Clothes Recommendation System

Working on a clothing suggestion system is one of the greatest ways to start learning PHP, especially for students. In order to suggest related products to users, you can use information such as their past purchases, wishlist items, and things they have looked at.

Collaborative filtering can be used to find similarities between users and produce precise and effective recommendations.

2. Blood Bank and Donor Management System

A Blood Bank & Donor Management System allows PHP students to learn how to create a solid and dependable system that manages and organizes data about blood donors, blood banks, and blood types.

This project also uses a number of other technologies, including AJAX, jQuery, JS, and MySQL, in addition to PHP.

3. Timetable Generator

Most people struggle to create and adhere to a schedule. Whether you’re excellent at it or not, you can try this free PHP timetable-generating program to master the fundamentals of programming and advance your PHP development skills.

A college-based methodology is used by the timetable generator to schedule lectures and classes. There are 3 groups of users in this PHP project:

  1. Admin – Those who manage the timetable generator system.
  2. Teachers
  3. Students

4. Library Management System

Any student may submit a request through this management system at the time a book is issued. A request must be given to the administrator for registration; once it has been verified, the account will be generated.

In this situation, the administrator will take on the role of a librarian and be in charge of approving or rejecting any requests. The only person who can grant a student’s request for permission is the librarian.

PHP will make management simple, enable all duties to be completed on a single platform, and allow users to modify their accounts as necessary.

5. Chatbot for Students

The next idea on our list of the best PHP projects is a chatbot. In this project, the PHP code enables the bot to analyze user messages, and answers to queries are given in accordance with that analysis. This can be a webapp that can be used to answer the queries of students.

The chatbot will be able to assess user inquiries effectively with the help of artificial intelligence and will be able to respond to them appropriately.

If the chatbot is unable to adequately respond to the user’s inquiry, they can submit feedback – via comments – to improve the accuracy. You have the opportunity to use your knowledge of PHP, UI, and AI in this project.

6. Product Rating System

Such a system makes it simple for visitors to understand the most popular viewpoint regarding a given product by emphasizing the average ratings of the user reviews. This is a good option since it enhances the user experience while allowing the business to find new methods to better serve its clients.

An algorithm is needed to manage and track the customer reviews in the rating system you are developing.

7. Portal for Doctors

While working on this project, you can make use of the wide range of capabilities that PHP offers. A portal that allows patients and doctors from different backgrounds to communicate can be designed.

The availability of doctors is taken into account when patients utilize this portal to make appointments. You can work on a PHP project that is both outstanding and incredibly impressive.

This portal addresses the inconvenience of the time-consuming appointment scheduling process. Doctors can schedule appointments at their convenience via this platform. You can also provide extra features for the doctors, such as a portal that gives them the option of adding the patient’s medical records to a database.

8. Blog Script Using PHP

The major goal of this PHP project is to create a portal where people may read the information without having to log in or register.

They can take a look at the information and stuff that is provided. Moreover, the users can fill out a short contact form to reach the admin if there are any issues with the blog or its content. The admin, who manages the website content, performs most of the functions.

9. Employee Management System

The aim of this PHP project is to automate employee administration, management and leave planning. The records of every employee are managed by this system.

The main objective of this project is to provide a powerful web-enabled framework that may streamline knowledge management requirements in the workplace.

It aims to streamline the existing manual framework for quick information gathering, generate statistical reports, and serve as a data archive for effective information sharing and potential retrieval.

10. Ad Dispenser Server

The last project on our list of the best PHP projects is an ad dispenser server. In this project, you will use PHPUnit, Composer, Apache HTTP Server, and so on.

For automated ad display, a website can be forced to use an ad dispenser server. You may design it such that customers see advertisements based on the keywords they look up. This opens up the possibility of more effective advertising and higher conversion rates.


Here, you came across some of the best PHP projects that could assist you to advance your knowledge. You can now begin developing these projects and include them on your CV or resume to improve its appeal to potential employers.

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