Metaverse vs Multiverse: What’s the Difference?


Metaverse vs multiverse has become a rager ever since metaverse came into the limelight and since Facebook has now rechristened itself as Meta, everyone wants to know more about metaverse. While metaverse is a new term, the term multiverse is in use since antiquity.

The multiverse is a distinct concept that represents the possibilities of multiple universes or timelines, existing all at once in reality. It is made popular by MCU movies and TV shows in the recent decade. In this article, we are going to know the definitions of multiverse and metaverse and the differences between the two.

What is Multiverse?

Unlike the metaverse, which has taken birth inside the head of a fiction writer, the possibility of a multiverse is suggested by quantum mechanics, particularly string theory. It has also been hypothesized multiple times in astronomy, cosmology, literature, religion, philosophy, and so on, since antiquity.

Parallel universes in the multiverse are also known as parallel worlds, alternate realities, alternate timelines, parallel worlds, and so forth.

What is Metaverse?

Metaverse is the concept that brings all virtual shared space into one single place. It is the evolution of the internet. It aims to develop persistently shared 3D spaces that are just like spaces in the real world. Hence, the distinction between the two is almost negligible.

Although Metaverse has a long road ahead of it, the idea is already gaining traction among the general public and organizations. Consequently, Facebook announced its grand scheme to develop its own metaverse while also rebranding itself as Meta.

Metaverse vs Multiverse

It will be easy to understand the differences between the two trending terms, multiverse and metaverse, with the following comparison table:




Coined byNeal StephensonWilliam James (in a different context), Michael Moorcock
First used1992 (in Stephenson’s sci-fi novel Snow Crash)1895 (William James), 1963 (The Sundered Worlds) 
DefinitionIt is the collection of all the virtual shared space.It is the collection of multiple universes existing simultaneously.
Made popular byMeta (earlier Facebook)Marvel Cinematic Universe,


Movies, and



With the increasing popularity of metaverse and multiverse, it is natural that the public interest in the metaverse vs multiverse topic will only go up. We hope that now you know the difference between the two buzzwords.

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