7 Best JavaScript Certification Courses to Upskill


JavaScript is an essential tool for web developers. JS enhances the creation of websites and web applications and offers excellent software development capabilities.

Users may create interactive and dynamic web pages with JavaScript when used in conjunction with HTML and CSS. It is used for many different functions, including creating cookies, identifying browsers, improving website design, and validating types.

A JavaScript certification can make you more appealing to employers, leading to improved employment chances and better remuneration.

A person with knowledge of HTML, DOM, and JavaScript can design and manage interactive and dynamic web pages. The best certifications to help you become a skilled JavaScript developer are listed below.

Top Javascript Certifications

1. W3Schools JavaScript Certificate

By – W3Schools

Level – Intermediate

This accreditation is well-respected and accepted across the world. The achievement of this JavaScript certification attests to the candidate’s proficiency in DOM or HTML manipulation and the development of highly dynamic websites.

Candidates can enhance their foundational JavaScript skills while learning more about how web pages behave thanks to the courses that go along with this JS certification from W3Schools. Knowledge of HTML and CSS is required for proceeding with this JavaScript certification.

2. Certified JavaScript Developer

By – International JavaScript Institute

Level – Intermediate

Another well-known JavaScript certification program is Certified JavaScript Developer, which is provided by the International JavaScript Institute. It assesses your JS proficiency while simultaneously teaching you more complex JavaScript topics.

The JavaScript certification will help seasoned JavaScript programmers as well as anyone looking to advance their JS skills. This course is suggested for intermediate-level JavaScript developers.

3. The Complete JavaScript Course 2022: From Zero to Expert!

By – Udemy

Level – Beginner

Create 5 stunning real-world projects for your portfolio with this JavaScript certification course. You will learn how to organize and architect your applications using flowcharts and typical JavaScript patterns through these projects.

Learn contemporary JavaScript (ES6+) from scratch: Destructuring, the spread operator, default arguments, optional chaining (ES2020), and more. Arrow functions, first-class and higher-order functions, bind, and closures are covered in-depth in this course.

Learn the foundational concepts of JavaScript, including variables, the if/else statement in JavaScript, operators, boolean logic, functions, arrays, objects, loops, strings, and more. The course also covers the inner workings of JavaScript, including its engine, call stack, hoisting, scoping, the “this” keyword, and reference values.

If you want to grasp JavaScript in its truest and deepest sense, take this course. If you’ve been attempting to learn JavaScript but still don’t grasp it or still don’t feel confident enough to develop actual programs, take this course.

4. Learn Javascript

By – Codecademy

Level – Beginner

One of the strongest and most adaptable programming languages on the internet is JavaScript. Most websites, including this one, rely on it to enable their dynamic behavior. The learning outcomes from this course are strong.

The most recent JavaScript syntax will be used to teach you the principles of programming and basic object-oriented ideas. The lectures in this series lay the groundwork for using JavaScript in any setting.

Additionally, you will have three portfolio projects to display your newly acquired skills, namely Dog Years, Kelvin Weather, and Magic 8 Balls.

5. Write Professional, Modern Javascript

By – Frontend Masters

Level – Intermediate

This course covers a variety of JavaScript topics as well as ancillary services that support web environments. Basic algorithms, static typing, JavaScript operators, abstract operations, and other significant ideas are the focus of the lectures.

Coercion, closure, JavaScript ES6 functions, and object wrappers are also included in the JavaScript certification. This course is more suited for intermediate-level learners.

6. CIW Javascript Specialist

By – CIW (Certified Internet Web Professional)

Level – Beginner

The greatest candidates for the CIW JavaScript Specialist credential are those who want to develop client-side, platform-independent solutions that boost consumer engagement.

With this JavaScript certificate, users will be able to alter the Document Object Model, manage program flow, and validate JavaScript forms. This course is well suited for beginners.

7. JavaScript – The Complete Guide 2022 (Beginner + Advanced)

By – Udemy

Level – All

This JavaScript certification course on Udemy is among the most comprehensive courses. It’s a complete bundle that will take you from learning the very basics of JavaScript all the way up to creating sophisticated applications.

Modern JavaScript will be taught to you step-by-step from scratch. The course will lead you through useful and entertaining code examples, a crucial theory about the inner workings of JavaScript, and lovely, finished products.

Along with these skills, you’ll learn how to think like a developer, plan application features, architect your code, debug code, and a host of other practical abilities that are essential for working as a developer.


In this blog, we discussed some of the best JavaScript certification courses that could help you kickstart your career in JavaScript and fields like web development. This language plays a crucial role in developing web applications and could be a great option as a profession.

Before going through these certification exams you can also refer to several other content and courses out there that could help you give a basic idea about the language and most importantly, it will help you gain interest in the topics that will act as a motivational factor.

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