5 Best Exploratory Testing Tools to Use in 2023


You might wonder what is the actual usage of the exploratory testing tools. Tech enthusiasts say that through a few useful features like screenshots collection and feedback outlining during meetings, the exploratory testing tool is an application that will help you automate software testing.

Exploratory testing tools open a lot of opportunities to test software in every possible scenario. You can develop new use cases with exploratory testing that are overlooked in conventional software testing.

Quality Analysts can’t stick with one type of exploratory testing tool, and that is why we have different types of exploratory testing tools with some of them as follows:

  • Scenario-based exploratory testing
  • Strategy-based exploratory testing
  • Freestyle exploratory testing

These are just the tip of the iceberg as we have many more of these types of testing tools. They help analysts pick up new skills and expand the horizon of their imaginative minds.

Exploratory testing tools aid QA engineers in carrying out extensive tests, and ultimately improve their productivity and save a significant amount of time.

Be that as may say, if you ever wondered what are the best exploratory testing tools that increase productivity and efficiency, you are in the right place.

In this article, we are going to list the 5 best exploratory testing tools. Now, let’s have a quick look at these top exploratory testing tools.

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5 Best Exploratory Testing Tools in 2023

1/5 – Testpad

Testpad is among the most extensively used and well-liked exploratory testing tools. It is an online application for creating and executing test plans. Testpad employs a surprisingly straightforward methodology that makes it incredibly simple to write, run, and maintain tests.

The software generates schedules for exploratory testing. Tests should be guided by an unquestionably thorough summary of both the elements or they ought to be as specific as necessary. During a meeting, you can add new tests as you consider them.

An excellent way to perform exploratory software testing is to use Testpad’s flexible test plan format. It is a great tool for experts and for those just starting out as it let them assiduously look for defects while being guided by a helpful objective.

Testpad offers a modern, console-driven user interface that is smooth. Also, it supports integration with problem trackers, such as JIRA.

Since it is an online application there is no need for complex or high-end system requirements.


Testpad is available with 4 different subscription plans.

  1. Individual – $49 per month
  2. Team – $99 per month
  3. Department – $249 per month
  4. Custom – $15 per user per month

2/5 – Testiny

Testiny assists users with experiment creation and modification, experiment owner designation, and experiment coordination. You can describe the conditions, procedures, and expected outcomes.

It is easy to run exploratory tests using Testiny as users just have to choose their tests, gather trials, assign them to a team, and run them.

Testiny’s features include an extraordinarily rich content manager that lets users create experiments in any way they want. The content manager supports bold text, italicized text, sections, headers, records, joins, and images.


Testiny offers three pricing plans that are as follows:

  1. A free plan offers basic features for users.
  2. An advanced plan is available for $14.87.
  3. An enterprise plan offers all the advanced features. To get the enterprise plan, you have to contact their sales team.

3/5 – PractiTest

Practitest is an end-to-end exploratory testing tool for conducting tests. It offers complete permeability, precise results, flexibility, and integration with other tools.

Similar to Testpad, the integration of PractiTest with JIRA Cloud enables a uniform work procedure and enhances executive testing throughout the whole QA process. After going through a simple design process, PractiTest enables you to manage and import any requirements or issues created in JIRA.

The software features a “Run” button at the left of its main screen and clicking it will start a test. While running a test, you can review each stage of the test to get optimal results. You can click the “pass” button to move to the next step of a test.


Apart from a free trial, PractiTest offers three pricing plans:

  1. Professional – $39 a month
  2. Enterprise – $49 a month 
  3. Unlimited – You need to quote your budget to avail the unlimited plan.

4/5 – Bug Magnet

Bug Magnet allows you to use it as an extension on your PC or laptop. It is an open-source Chrome extension with access to features needed to perform exploratory testing.

Bug Magnet successfully makes the obstacles and edge cases for exploratory testing available. It doesn’t rely on any external libraries. With Bug Magnet, you may easily enlarge your setup records.

Bug Magnet is open source and you can use it for free across your devices.

5/5 – Test IO

With a flexible support paradigm, Test IO delivers a whole range of online, mobile, and IoT testing. It allows you to investigate tight delivery constraints and complicated requirements in order to provide supported business value at speed and scale.

Test IO assists with QA testing. It allows you to test software with several approaches, like exploratory testing, convenience testing, and so on.

Its testing options are available for site testing, versatile testing, wearables testing, and internet of things (IoT) testing. Also, test IO is available across all platforms.


You can visit the official website of Test IO to get details of its pricing plans.

To Sum it All Up

Here we reached the end of our list of the 5 best exploratory testing tools. You can check out these tools and choose the one that best suits your testing requirements. 

If you are using any other exploratory testing tool that you think should be on this list, do let us know by mentioning the tool in the comment section. We would love to know.

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